Food Art Love


My experience in holistic health has equipped me with extensive knowledge in nutrition, coaching programs, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Here is what some of them have to say about working with me:

"Shannon was able to help me work toward my health goals by listening to my concerns and helping me come up with practical possible solutions through altering my diet and lifestyle. The biggest tangible change would probably be the improvement of my sleeping patterns. When I first started talking with Shannon I was only getting about 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night. Now I'm getting between 8 & 9 most nights. The most significant overall change would probably be a decrease my levels of stress and irritability and a higher awareness of my dietary choices/ eating habits. Shannon is as knowledgable about holistic health as she is beautiful. She is such a wealth of information about food and how diet can directly effect your health. She is so kind and generous and genuinely wants to help improve your overall well-being. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who is wanting to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes or is looking to increase their overall health and happiness. I really enjoyed my sessions with Shannon. She is so genuine and easy to talk to. Even when my thoughts were scattered, I always felt like I had her undivided attention. She always provided me with an unbiased and well-balanced perspective and viable, practical solutions to my health concerns. She is very professional, organized, positive and knowledgable. I am blessed to have her support and encouragement in my health journey."

- Erica Frahm, Good Luck Farms, Colombia, CA

"Shannon is a delight to work with and learn from. Her experience in nutrition and health from fresh, farmers market produce to how to prepare my food, to what workout activities to bring into my life, helped me feel balanced and energized. I love her superfood recipes, such as Chia Pudding, which feels like I'm treating myself every time I make this healthy snack!

- Hannah Natali, Austin TX

"It can be hard to admit when you need to make changes in your life, let alone be proactive in implementing them. Shannon kept me honest, on point, and supported during the transition, which she made feel achievable. While in graduate school in New York City, Shannon gave me the tools to manage my stress levels and helped me rethink my diet to ensure energy and clarity. She also helped me be more intentional about the relationships in my life. She is clearly passionate and knowledgable about holistic health and her zeal for life is contagious. Shannon is wise beyond her years. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to get more out of life! " 

- MaryBeth Brown, New York City NY

"You are such a gift to the world. Thank you for sharing your passion and shining your sweet light. Much love and appreciation for you being who you are."

-Peter Treagan, Saint Rose, NY

"Today I had a moment dealing with another one of life's fun hurdles and I found myself surrounded and lifted up by the overwhelming drive to be more like Shannon in this situation. To harness your pure love, your glow, your strength and grace. You bright star Shannon Alexis Sims, thank you for being such a powerful bright light in this world."

- Rhea, Williams OR

"Thank you for being who you are and what you do, you have touched a certain part of my soul, and I'm inspired by your zest for life. Please keep on being the person you are and spread your joy of life to all that you touch!"

-Curtis, Corvallis OR